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Becca is one of the most upbeat people I have ever met! Each session is both challenging and fun, pushing me to levels I never would have tried before. Her motivation and enthusiasm is a real driving force throughout the personalised programmes she has created for me.
I have gained a new love for fitness and nutrition and this is all thanks to Becca. I have noticed positive changes both physically and mentally, I feel so much stronger! I completely trust and value Becca’s guidance. 
I love my weekly sessions and walk away from them feeling that I can take on the world!

Harriet Barker

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About BM Fitness

Hi! I'm Becca, I live in Marlow with my husband, toddler and very waggy tailed lab.

I spent 10 years working within the London property market before I decided to make a big life change and retrain as a Personal Trainer. 

Fast forward a couple of years and I am a ladies personal trainer and it feels like I might have found the best job in the world! It is my mission to help women feel both mentally and physically fitter and happier from the inside out. To release the negative tags we attach to ourselves through comparison, low self esteem, poor eating habits, lack of motivation and self belief by moving the body and using exercise teamed with nourishing food to really feel good again. 

Whether you’ve not had time to exercise or focus on your nutrition due to work demands, a relentless commute, popping out babies, running a household, past injury, personal matters… whatever it may be, my commitment is to that superwoman within who is always there, who is strong and ready to show up for you.